Videos by EeeeDeeeGaahhhh

Edg Duveyoung lives in Madison, Wisconsin and has ridden Trikke Carving Vehicles since 2003. He enjoys riding his Skki by Trikke and his MagicPie3 now but has a history of trick riding on his T-12 and T-8. He has some skills that I would like to learn.

Edg has a close friend and riding companion as well as mechanic in Ron Peck, who is also a Certified Trikke Trainer. Having a carving buddy is very nice and to have one who is also mechanically skilled is a bonus. It is amazing what kind of trouble these two manage to stay out of. Ron has been carving Trikkes since 2001.

I asked him if there was anything we should know about him or have included in the blog and he responded that he only wanted folks to know how to pronounce his name. In his videos he pronounces it EeeeeDeeeGaahhhh but he confided in my that he really says it Edge. An interesting fellow and I hope to meet him in person someday, until then I will have to make due with his videos.


Earliest known Trikke Footage


Smooth ride has 89k views so far, amazing


Here’s Ron!


How did he do this?


MagicPie3 and the Hill of Doom


Tyrol Basin and some Trikke Skking





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