Trikke inventor has 10 great tips for electric Trikke owners

The 4-1-1 from the one and only Gildo Beleski
Gildo Beleski
Gildo Beleski, Trikke designer and CEO of Trikke Tech, Inc.

The electric Trikke known as the Tribred Pon-e has the potential to look like something out of a James Bond movie. The rider standing in an upright position. Hovering just off the ground. Zooming forward at fast speeds. Carving into turns. No wonder Coolest Gadgets said, Forget the Segway, ride a Trikke!

But while you’re having all that fun being the coolest kid with the coolest toy on the block, you’ll want to make sure you treat your Pon-e right. To that end, consider these 10 tips from Gildo Beleski, who knows a thing or two about Trikkes. After all, he invented them. Here’s what the man they call “G” had to say about maintaining a vibrant, healthy Pon-e:

1. Keep your tires at the correct pressure: pump them up every 15 days.

2. Never let your battery completely discharged. Connect it to the charger whenever you can.

3. Have a good parking spot and practice good parking techniques to avoid falls when your Pon-e is at rest.

4. Visually inspect the entire vehicle.

5. Check for any abnormal noises.

6. Test your brakes: adjust if needed.

7. Do not lock brakes (in order to preserve round tires).

8. Avoid tire burnout when starting off. Lean forward and initiate a controlled, light start.

9. Whenever possible, ride on speed 1 (limited at 12mph). This will extend range and preserve the life of the battery. And it’s safer.

10. Avoid crashes on curbs, potholes, etc.. Avoid bad roads.

Originally published on Trikke Tech’s Facebook page on April 5, 2012. Edited for purposes of clarity.

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