Senior hates exercise but loves his Trikke

Larry Mehlmauer
Larry Mehlmauer rides Trikke

“I hate exercise. I really hate it. I’ve tried everything from rowing machines to stationary bikes to elliptical machines. The Trikke is truly a miracle machine.”

Larry Mehlmauer is having a second childhood, quite a miracle, considering he’s 70 years-old. Factor in a host of health challenges — including a massive heart attack and diabetes — and some might call that more than a miracle.

“I’m having more fun than 70-year-olds should be allowed to have, all because of a little fitness machine called a Trikke,” says Mehlmauer in a video that earned him a brand new carver. Watch Larry’s testimonial, plus read about his reaction to winning in Trikke Saved My Life, Says Star of Victorious Video.

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