Security Code 3 to clients: consider electric Trikke security vehicles

Man on patrol on TrikkeA better security tool for half the price. That’s what the security industry is beginning to realize about electric Trikke carving vehicles, according to John Simpson, CEO of Trikke Tech, Inc.

As evidence, Security Code 3, a San Francisco Bay Area security company, has announced plans to increase the awareness of Trikke cv’s via their newsletter, as well as the distribution of a Trikke Security and Patrol trifold brochure.

The brochure extols the virtues of the Trikke cv as a stable, highly portable vehicle for the security industry, offering bullet points Simpson sums up by saying:

“Trikke cv’s are more cost-effective, guards are more visible — which in and of itself should reduce crime — and the guards themselves have better visibility and mobility, which makes them better able to observe and report.”

Other aspects of the Trikke cv highlighted in the colorful brochure include the easy learning curve, the quick-swap battery and the rugged yet simple design, making Trikke cv’s easy to maintain. The result, according to Simpson, is the security industry taking notice:

“We recently heard from another security co where Trikke cv’s are in use in a few locations in Las Vegas. They’ve been raving about performance, reliabilty, and the complete lack of injury and collisions.”

Security Code 3 is based in San Jose, California, has been in business for over 20 years, providing professional and security patrol services for malls, hotels, educational institutions, construction sites and apartment and condominiums. Their lists of contacts and clients, past and present, number in the thousands — all of whom are about to get a little better acquainted with Trikke cv’s as a security and patrol tool.


charlie BJune 7, 2013 at 1:36 pmReply

Good article and very much true concerning the Pon-e’s adaptability to various tasks.

Although I am wondering if the author wanted to use the word ‘eschew’ as in “The brochure eschews the virtues of the Trikke …”

Definition of ESCHEW

: to avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds : shun

Letters from the EdgeJune 11, 2013 at 4:50 pmReply

Correction made, thanks Charlie B.!