Read our blog. Buy a Trikke vehicle. Get Happy. It’s that simple.

ride to be free

OK, so, amongst other things, this blog is a not so bald-faced attempt to lure people into the Trikke universe to discover and (yes) to purchase a Trikke carving vehicle. And… I’m ok with that. And you should be too. You know why? Because if you do buy one (at least the electric ones . . . because anyone can make one of them babies go), you’ll thank me. That’s why. Of course, the body-propelled vehicles are awesome too, but there is a chance that after getting one that you will a) not have the patience to figure out how to ride one well enough to satisfy your craving for immediate gratification and give up or b) decide that you don’t want to have to swerve back and forth to go forward. Fair enough.

Ride5Maybe you don’t want to stick out or draw attention to yourself. Or you’re afraid of criticism. Who isn’t? Buying and deciding to ride a Trikke 3-wheeler is a bit of a “screw you” to “whoever you are” that really isn’t watching or caring anyway (but we all think that they are). It’s a cavalier moment of  “It’s ok to be me. I don’t care what you say.” And the more you ride, the more you realize that … you made the right decision. And one day when the world catches up to us, you will be able to say “I’ve been riding them things for 10 some odd years and you’re telling me that now it’s the new cool thing to do? Ha!”

Why are you going to like it? Do you like the feeling of freedom? Sweeping, carving turns in a comfortable relaxed position? Yet always feeling secure with three sticky points of contact with the ground? Smooth transitioning from one turn to another, graceful and flowing…. Using your God-given shock absorbers to make it a smooth, engaged ride, your body flowing from turn to turn. Using your whole body to complete the circuit of the frame/body vehicle dynamic as you guide the frame intuitively in and out of turns.

The Feeling is enough to make you come back again and again. Then there is the efficiency. The portability. The fitness aspect. The great outdoors. The new adventures that await you. The growing community of enthusiasts. The gas savings. The reduction of emissions. The fun. Who knows, it might even get you laid or … you might become a Trikke Trainer and start an entire new career with this amazing ride. Trikke brings you – The most wonderful ride to come out of the twenty-first century.

It’s true.

Here are a few others chiming in on the same subject in answer to a question we recently posted facebook:

Diana Hanna Juravlea  It’s the greatest invention ever…. just feeling the fresh air … it is exhilarating. Why pay for a therapist when all you need to do go outside and get on your Trikke…

Anne Bentley  You’ll love the moment when you realize you’ve been having so much fun finding your sweet-spot you hadn’t noticed how fit you’ve become!

Karen A. Thompson  You’ll love that instead of heading out to exercise, you’re heading out to play…

Omar Ahmed  Ever dreamt of flying, here’s how it feels :)

Elise Bennett  It’s a great way to escape the harsh reality of adulthood and feel like you’re 10 years old again and flying down a huge hill on your Spyder bike – you know, the one with the banana seat and a playing card in the spokes. Yeah, it really is like that. I pinky-swear!

Monica Jeffries  Best full body workout that is low impact and fun at the same time!

Chad Cajun Cackle Guillory  It’s stress relief on wheels!

Vonda K Metcalf   Easiest way to loose weight and become fit. Great for the whole family!

Manuel Alejandro Bernal Niño You feel like floating on streets and a lot of fun, control of your movements, relax, speed… In few words: you feel superior locomotion at this age

Kim Austin Forrest You feel like you’re flying!

Yep. All of the above. Get one.


William ShaffettDecember 28, 2013 at 1:05 pmReply

I love these things so much, they do what they say they wlll do and it’s just plan fun! You feel like a kid again playing – the weight just fell off. I lost 43lbs and my wife 60, we feel Great!

Vaughn BrownAugust 29, 2014 at 6:51 amReply

I’m an avid golfer and avid trikker, I was wondering has anyone tried to marry the two sports yet.
I think golf would be quicker and more exciting if we could trikke 9 holes in one and a half hours instead of the two and half hours it takes to walk. I also think it would attract more youth to the sport. Love to here your thoughts.