Long Beach

65-year-old woman: Trikke is good for my knees, waistline and softball skills

Pat Bushman is 50 pounds lighter and still losing weight! We often believe things didn’t exist until we discovered them. This was the case with my introduction to the Trikke, but since discovering this quirky machine, I’ve become a devoted disciple, preaching the benefits and fun to everyone I know. It’s good that riding a Trikke is a little quirky because I’m something of a quirky person. I couldn’t help…


10 Things I Learned While Riding My Trikke

This article was originally published on Randy Boyd’s Blocks under the title “10 Things I Learned While Trikking.“ 10. A moderate Trikke ride in cold, crappy weather is better than any workout inside a cold, crappy gym. 9. Carving uphill or against a good stiff wind does wonders for the arms. 8. Even though “looks like a lot of hard work” is a comment often heard while carving, riding my…

Elise Bennet

From super disabled to Supergirl, thanks to her Trikke

East Texas woman’s Trikke went from wheelchair substitute to fitness machine. I am disabled; I walk with a cane and a limp, but I feel like Supergirl when I’m flyin’ down the trail on my Trikke! In August, 2000, one simple sneeze finished off what a childhood injury started and a disc in my lower back literally blew up. Four failed back surgeries later, I found myself with a laundry…


Meet Randy Boyd, TrikkeWorld Publisher

Story originally published on Jan 31, 2011 I am a Trikker. Two years ago this time, I had no idea there was such a thing called a Trikke. Then I saw the last fifteen minutes of an infomercial. Shiny, happy people were riding some kind of newfangled bike, having the time of their lives, beaming like individual rays of golden sunlight. Two years ago this time, that fifteen minutes forever…


Trikke saved my life, says star of victorious video

Senior citizen wrote 20 scripts before choosing winning submission. His video has been a big hit in carving circles, receiving a good number of positive comments on both Facebook and YouTube, and winning a testimonial contest conducted by Trikke Tech in 2011. [See video at the end of this story.] Yet Larry Mehlmauer is mostly unaware of the attention and adulation his lone web video has received. After all, the…

Larry Mehlmauer

Senior hates exercise but loves his Trikke

“I hate exercise. I really hate it. I’ve tried everything from rowing machines to stationary bikes to elliptical machines. The Trikke is truly a miracle machine.” Larry Mehlmauer is having a second childhood, quite a miracle, considering he’s 70 years-old. Factor in a host of health challenges — including a massive heart attack and diabetes — and some might call that more than a miracle. “I’m having more fun than…

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