New Trikke T78cs land speed record!

Elise Bennet
Elise Bennet riding her Trikke CV

Somebody alert the media! Call Guinness Book of World Records! I just broke the East Texas Trikke T78cs land speed record! And I’m a little prone to drastic exaggeration! And it wasn’t so much a speed record as a new personal best…  Yeah, it’s anticlimactic for you, but it’s still a big deal for me – so why not share my happiness with Trikke-O-Babble-ophiles the world over?

Heaven only knows what magical stars aligned yesterday, or if it was a combination of a great breakfast, plenty of sleep the night before, and a good day for my injured-cum-recovering spinal nerves, but something definitely lined up just right, because I smashed my old record (for the same route/distance) by two minutes and .7 miles per hour! Yup, I carved 3.93 miles of rolling terrain in 27:33 minutes at an average speed of 8.6 MPH.

That’s probably not a terrific time for most Trikke riders (especially the menfolk), but it is an outstanding time for me for two reasons. 1) It’s winter, and like we talked about in Ol’ Jack Frost vs. The Carve, cold weather makes it kinda tough for me to move around. 2) I’m still working hard to rehabilitate my body (specifically, my lower back and damaged spinal nerves) toward the healthiest, fittest condition that’s reasonably feasible. I’ve lost more than 50 pounds – courtesy of regular Trikke riding, eating more healthfully, and reducing my serving sizes – and am in the best shape since college. But my how-much-can-I-move-before-the-pain-gets-too-high level is still pretty low, and that makes exercising enough to give the old bod a good workout a rather tedious thing. So! Anytime there’s a sign that I’m still moving toward improved health and physical conditioning, it’s a cause for celebration. *pops open the bubbly*

Just so you’ll understand what a big improvement this personal best is, my average time at medium exertion for this route during January 2013 was 33:05 minutes. My average time at medium exertion during the summer (when my body functions best) of 2012 was 31:45. My previous personal best at high exertion was 29:40 minutes in August 2012. Just five months later, my time is now 27:33 – a full two minutes faster! Color me thrilled! And stronger! And healthier!

Thanks, Trikke Tech and Gildo Beleski for making such an awesome machine that lets working out be fun and productive. I shudder to think what kind of shape I’d be in without my Trikke.

Story originally published by Trikke World Magazine on Feb 4, 2013

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  1. Awesome job, Elise!! I’ve been riding for nearly a year and I judge my progress by both distance and average speed. When I started riding, I was averaging between 4-5 mph, but am now doing between 7-7.5. So 8.6 is fantastic for you! I applaud your efforts at rehabilitation, and am thankful every day that ladies like us have finally found a healthy way to enjoy ourselves and to feel great. Trikke on sister!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! WOW, your riding speed has REALLY come a long way. Bet you’re healthier than you were when you first started carving too. 🙂 Keep trikking, girl! Trikker chicks RULE!

  2. Wow! To me this is more exciting than the Superbowl. Another Trikke success and continued triumph . I just love reading your blogs and as you ride I am with you in spirit by your side along for the ride. You go girl and keep us posted on all your great stuff. Thanks 😉

    1. Hey, Niki! Your comments always pump me up. Thank you SO much! One of these days I’ll make it out to CA, and we’ll hit the trails together in person – can’t wait!

  3. Awesome news, and a HUGE ‘OLE TENNESSEE HUG for yet another great accomplishment !!!! I’m so proud of you, and your non-stop enthusiasm. Not only is the weight loss something to RAVE about; but increasing your mobility, and beating your personal best; that’s a TRIFECTA, my friend !!! Please, keep sharing with us “Babble-Phytes”, everything you are doing to continue your rehab process. God’s plan for you is shining through; and you will be Blessed for your sharing and caring of others. HUGS !!

    1. Hello, my friend! It’s been too long. Here’s a hug right back atcha! Thanks for your non-stop support and encouragement. Hopefully your own rehab progress is going equally well.

      “Babble-phytes”! Love it! May have to steal that one from you. (But that’s just the shark in me talking. *wink*)

      Talk to you soon, I hope!

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