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  1. Im going to ski in Val Thorens France, so I would like to know if it is alowed there. Is there any place that I can rent it there? thank you

  2. From: Yvonne van Schalkwyk []
    Sent: Wednesday, 30 November 2016 4:35 PM
    To: Yvonne van Schalkwyk

    To whom it may concern,

    Please would you be so kind as to direct me, in the right direction.

    We have visited your beautiful country for the last nine years without fail, loving every moment of your ski resort Ischgl. Yearly our family meets from all part of world to enjoy a two week ski holiday.

    Last year we encountered our first problem with the ski lifts, two of our family members are unable to ski without the aid of Trikke, due to disabilities. My husband is paralyzed from the knee down on one leg.

    The resort specified that they would not allow the Trikke in 2017 without special permission. Their reasoning behind the rule was an incident that occurred in France.
    The Ischgl Silverettabahn manager informed us that a meeting would be held by the tourism board after the ski season. While the board is considering the outcome of the Trikke we would like the opportunity to tell our story, before the rule is enforced.

    Twenty three years ago my husband had a motor vehicle accident that left him paralysed in his right leg under the knee, he has had a hip replacement therefore his bending radius is limited. After purchasing the disabled Sitski we were disappointed to establish that he had great difficulty in operating the equipment.

    After two years of trying the sitski and paying a large amount of money for the equipment we were about to give up hope in another ski holiday. On a visit to another ski resort in Austria we saw a number of Trikke’s, when inquiring if the resorts would allow the equipment we were informed that they were welcomed in all Austrian ski resort.

    The first year on the slopes with the equipment was a sheer pleasure as finally my husband could enjoy a family holiday skiing on most of the runs without difficulty. The ski Trikke is in my opinion very safe to all skiers, lifts or ski terrain. The Trikke rests on the lap of the skier, for added security the skier has an arm bad with a convoluted rope attached to arm.

    In the nine years that we have enjoyed your resort we have never had an incident or accident with any skiers.

    We search the web to look for an alternative product that my disabled husband could be comfortable with and found the SNOGO as a 2nd option.
    We have booked our holiday a year ago and would truly appreciated it if my husband could continue to use the Trikke, he is comfortable and safe with the Trikke,

    I would appreciate if you would be in a position to answer me either way before the 8th as we have to make a decision to stay with the Trikke or the Snogo.

  3. Where can I try a trike in Tucson Az. Before purchasing. Am 67 yrs.,not sure if I can learn, but sure want to. Are there teachers in Tucson?

  4. Interested live in Erwin Tennessee how can I purchase one to increase ffitness. I am 6% and this looks like fun.please Zend me information

  5. Where is the closest dealer or teacher in the greater Kansas City area? I’m on the Kansas side, in a suburb called Lenexa, KS . I had a contact, but lost it. I just moved to a beautiful suburban area with paved sidewalks and easy hills.

    1. Hi Linda, The closest trainer to your area is listed below, please call her or email to set up an appointment. If you do not receive a response please call Trikke Tech Inc. for further assistance at 1-877-487-4553 Monday through Friday 9a.m. -5p.m. PST. Have fun Carving!
      Contact: Sharon McGahey
      Phone Number: 913-634-2211
      Olathe, KS 66061 USA

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