Wall Street Journal kitesurfer talks Trikke, being fit and healthy at age 74

June 26, 2015

  Louis Gomez was the 73 year-old subject of 2012 Wall Street Journal article highlighting his newfound love for kitesurfing, or kiteboarding. The piece stated that Gomez also rode a Trikke T8, but little was revealed about his trikkified life. Until now. The now 74-year-old Gomez talks Trikke in a new interview on The Carving Edge, the blog of Trikke Tech, Inc.. In the interview, the Florida senior shares how…


Join 500 Trikkers and Carve the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway

  Join 500 Trikkers and Carve the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway Be a part of the world’s largest gathering of Trikkers — witnessed and documented by the “Guinness World Book of Records.” (Guinness Claim ID 485996) Event organized by Trikke Trainers: Alan Reese, IL with the help from Bruce Weston, MI and Carol Jannet, IN. For any questions, please contact Alan Resse – Ph.: (630)357-4900 or reesealan@sbcglobal.net   Register Now!   Need…

June 16, 2015

Show Me How to Ride a Trikke, Really?

That question gets thrown at me all the time. And then it’s followed by one of two phrases, either “Hey that looks like fun”, or “Boy that looks like work”. The second phrase depends on you. Did you look like you were struggling or were you flowing like a graceful bird. Learning to ride the Trikke carving vehicle is one of those things that is different for everyone. Some have…

February 25, 2015

Trikke Tours around the world

February 10, 2015

Trikke Light Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing guided tours at destinations around the globe. Potential tour opportunities include local attractions, hotels and resorts, parks and recreation, universities, and more. Trikke LEV’s three wheel design makes for unrivaled stability and maneuverability making it an ideal transportation vehicle for touring local attractions and other points of interest. Trikke LEV models and accessories are offered at fraction of competitors costs allowing for tour or…


New Trikke T78cs land speed record!

December 20, 2013

Somebody alert the media! Call Guinness Book of World Records! I just broke the East Texas Trikke T78cs land speed record! And I’m a little prone to drastic exaggeration! And it wasn’t so much a speed record as a new personal best…  Yeah, it’s anticlimactic for you, but it’s still a big deal for me – so why not share my happiness with Trikke-O-Babble-ophiles the world over? Heaven only knows…


Trikke fitness, weight loss, wellness – it’s all healing…

female abs behind Trikke
April 21, 2013

As we embark upon this new Trikke blog, we have noticed that healing encapsulates a lot of the themes that continue to pop up in user testimonials – whether those testimonials are about weight loss, fitness, rehabilitation, or a general strength and wellness program. Certainly Trikke offers an invitation to get out into the sunshine to feel the wind on your face and ride, but ride where? Ride how? Why…