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Edg Duveyoung lives in Madison, Wisconsin and has ridden Trikke Carving Vehicles since 2003. He enjoys riding his Skki by Trikke and his MagicPie3 now but has a history of trick riding on his T-12 and T-8. He has some skills that I would like to learn. Edg has a close friend and riding companion as well as mechanic in Ron Peck, who is also a Certified Trikke Trainer. Having…

January 10, 2015

Carving in the key of ‘G’ [videos]

November 13, 2012

Video tribute to the man who invented the Trikke. The first time I met Trikke inventor Gildo Beleski — also known as “G” — was in 2009, when my wife, Sally and I visited Trikke Tech headquarters in Buellton, California. We had been carving our first T8’s since December, 2008, and were just getting excited about the whole Trikke experience. Little did we know how hooked we would become. We’re now extreme…